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20:40 Slessurb Show

July 2040: a television show called “The Slessurb Show” manages to hack every device and spreads throughout the city. Slessurb – Brussels in reverse – is a city where nothing seems to work and technology invades every aspect of life. The show features a series of events and objects that move beyond the current societal dysfunctionalities and finds new ways to meet, socialise, and bond.
Zinnema welcomed us for a 5-day residency adventure: together with an intergenerational and multidisciplinary group of participants, we co-created this multilingual TV show. We re-imagined the possible futures of social relations, invented suitable costumes, scenography, and music, and filmed the scenes you can discover below. 
From a cooking show recreating underground communal dining at times when agrifood has been taken over by 3D printers industries, to an advertisement for the Reality Rehabilitator, a device that rescues those lost in the metaverse and brings them back to reality. And let’s not forget the dating show, reviving spontaneity in a world of algorithm-based matchmaking …

The Première of the Show was broadcasted on BX1 television on 8 July 2023!

Conception: Mattia Petullà, Andrés Silva, Romane Solé, Jafar Hejazi, Younes L’Mourabiti, Lina Manousogiannaki, Gustave Muhozi, Amine Haddaji, Justine Cappelle, Nandewa Turay, Vinicio Lucas, Mamadou Diallo, Luiza Botner, Flavie Torsiello, Tibo Vandeborre, Amine Bouarfa, Gabriela Hofman

Scenography: Jan Rymenants | Editing & Post-production: Mattia Petullà | Jingle music: Dantel – Alexandros Lykouras | Music credits: Sound Syntesis – Margarida Albino | Graphic Design: Andrés Silva | Venue & technical support: Zinnema | Habibi Habibi animation footages: Everything videogame by artist David OReilly                                           

A production of BrusselAVenir: Khushboo Balwani, Ellen Anthoni, Ilya Pringot, Lilia Raikhline, Annagrazia Graduato
Special thanks to Chloé Luchs-Tassé from Plurality University.                                

This show is made as part of the project Future is now by BrusselAVenir in the framework of the Erasmus plus funding programme and as part of the artist in residency at Zinnema.