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Tram 20.3.0 Talks

Tram 20.3.0 Talks are audio fiction stories narrated by Tram 7 about its passengers in the year 2030. The six stories paint a picture of everyday interactions between Brusseleirs. People that meet each other on the public transport and open up about their changing lives. 

Created for and by Brussels citizens, the stories of Tram 20.3.0 Talks are the result of one year process of participatory futuring and co-creation of various visions of the future for Brussels. By answering the question “How will we share the city amongst each other in Brussels in 2030?“, about 500 people imagined near futures during the workshops organised by BrusselAVenir. This, together with discussions in the community, research, interviews with experts and discussions with citizens, is what made up the different layers & features of the six different stories. 

As the omniscient narrator, tram 7 travels through time and into different stories, each story tells us about different encounters. During their conversations we come into contact with various elements of possible futures: new ways to communicate, the new material reality of the tram, the route, the different stops and the local stories of the neighbourhoods, a host or hostess who welcomes passengers, all with the aim of triggering action to make these imagined futures a reality. The objective is to show what sharing the city could look like in 2030 and how it can trigger solidarity, a sense of belonging, linguistic and cultural pluralism… and how, together, we can create new stories. 

Conception and coordination: Ellen Anthoni, Khushboo Balwani, Islin-Lucrezia De Fraye, Mattéo Scognamiglio, Annagrazia Graduato and Ilya Pringot 
Editors: Matesa von Hildebrand (English), Islin-Lucrezia De Fraye (French) and Ellen Anthoni (Dutch)
Voice actors: Joey Wright (English), Line Pillet (Dutch), Islin-Lucrezia De Fraye (French)
Graphic design: Ellen Anthoni and Bram van Bree
Installation design: Jan Rymenants and Koray Sels
Sound artist: Zino Moons
Recording and technical support: BNA-BBOT
Special thanks to STIB-MIVB, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Bruxelles Mobility for their support