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Future Music Atelier


♬♫♪◖(● o ●)◗♪♫♬

A track of, from, and about the future that we can sing along with until and beyond 2035.

2035 is the time when the babies of today will be the youngsters. These babies grow up in times of pandemic, dominant presence of social media, and tons of uncertainties and insecurities brought up by technology.
How will this generation relate to their family, friends, and society? How will they bond and how will they love? We will explore these questions through music and together make a song with the sound of the future of Brussels.

During the 2nd week of the Easter holidays, we organized a 4-days futures music atelier with young people from all around Brussels (+13 years old), together with futurists and musicians.

Along with the questions around relationships and technology, we questioned the role of music, sounds, and genres in 2035 in Brussels. During the 4 days, different experts accompanied us physically in the process of creating this music and we had several Zoom calls with local Brussels artists to ask question son the musical industry and its future. 

From now on, we will meet every Wednesday from April 27th until May 25th to compose and record this music. Let’s meet in the recording studio of Jeugdhuis De Branding.

You can always join us if you are interested in the project, the atelier is open to everyone! Do not hesitate to register on the Google Forms, or to contact us : 0486 68 40 14 / 0485 44 72 21.

Informations :

Dates :

Wednesday, April 27: 3pm – 9pm

Wednesday, May 4: 3pm – 9pm

Wednesday, May 11: 3pm – 9pm

Wednesday, May 18: 3pm – 9pm

Wednesday, May 25: 3pm – 9pm

Location : Jeugdhuis De Branding · Pl. Cardinal Mercier 28, 1090 Jette, Belgium

Free workshop

Grand Finale: the track will be launched on different platforms.


20:30 Bruxsels Talks

A talk show of the future

‘20:30 Bruxsels Talks: A Talk Show of the Future’, is a scripted radio show set in the year 2030. In a live performance on 23 January 2020, Brusseleirs were transported to a future where Brussels has made an inclusive and sustainable transition that takes care of its diverse population on both an ecological and social level. This future fiction piece is a twofold attempt to make the vastness and complexity of an eco-social future understandable and relatable through storytelling, while also demonstrating the role of media, such as radio, in the process of sustainable transition.  Over the past six months BrusselAVenir gathered content for the show through several ‘LabAVenirs’ participatory workshops, specialist interviews, and collective imagining of Brussels in the year 2030. 

In this fun and entertaining show you will hear people from the future sharing about their lives, hopes and fears. There will be reminiscent throwbacks of the past (that is today) through sound archives; contemporary breaking news; live music; and interviews with influential members of 2030’s society, all with the aim to trigger action to make this plausible future a reality! 

?Listen to the podcast here

In association with BNA-BBOT, Beursschouwburg and BX1+
Thanks to Bruzz, Radio Moskou, Radio Panik and Radio Campus for the diffusion afterwards.

Year 2019-2020