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Trip of the futures

In August 2022 10 youngsters from Brussels and 10 youngsters from Slovakia  gathered in Bratislava to reflect on the question: “How will young Brusseleirs and Bratislavian bond in 2035?”
We traveled together to futures, we created and shared creations with the others, and we got the impossible task of making movies in 60 hours. We imagined worlds on how people will connect in 2035, amidst the increasing presence of technology. We had 60 hours, 2 cameras, 1 phone, some tape, some plastic, a reptile costume, a melon and a black box theater to turn ideas into films.
With a few imagined movie concepts, we started to shoot to concretise these ideas. The outcome is 3 short films. It’s time now to share them with you:


One day, in 2035, a girl is faced with a difficult decision: to leave the earth and go to live in a digital universe. Choosing to live in the metaverse is attractive, but once you go, it is impossible to return. Through a poetic narration, the film reflects the inner voice of the protagonist and gives us a glimpse into the motivations that lead her to her final decision.
Director: Léonard Degoulet
Director of photography: Romane Solé, Róbert Hojda, Vanessa Minacapelli
Scenario and Script: Róbert Hojda, Léonard Degoulet
Actors: Diana Jacková, Lívia Zajaková
Assistant Director: Alexandra Kurišová
Sound: Róbert Hojda 
Editing and animation: Róbert Hojda, Diana Jacková, Blaise Turikumwe
Lights: Karim Bouziane, Miloš Čohán
Make-up | Decor | Props | Costumes: Monika Balková, Romane Solé, Lívia Zajaková, Silvia Vimpeľová, Roman Štefánik, Kevin Balog, Katarína Slobodová, Maty Mihalko


2035 is the year where people can live and be in the digital world. Revival is the new programme where people can be fully digital and are able to be reborn. What would a rebirth in the digital world be? Does it have any similarities with birth in the analogue world? Through radical movements, we see barriers break down in a choreography that is certainly not meant to leave us unmoved.
Director: Vanessa Minacapelli
Director of photography: Blaise Turikumwe
Actors: Tomas Ntamashimikiro
Hand actors: Alena Tomanová, Katarína Slobodová, Miloš Čohán, Monika Balková
Storyboard: Diana Jacková
Scenario: Tomas Ntamashimikiro, Vanessa Minacapelli and Blaise Turikumwe
Sound: Vanessa Minacapelli
Editing and animation: Vanessa Minacapelli
Lights: Karim Bouziane, Miloš Čohán
Make-up | Decor | Props | Costumes: Monika Balková, Romane Solé, Lívia Zajaková, Silvia Vimpeľová, Roman Štefánik, Kevin Balog, Katarína Slobodová, Maty Mihalko


Maty is an AI child of human parents, being judged by other AI beings due to looking too human. During a party, he is criticised for his looks and this causes him an identity crisis The film questions the ethics of creating virtual beings and their rights. Will virtual beings exist just to fulfill our desires and needs? And what about theirs?
Director: Bori Szekeres
Art Director: Justine Cappelle 
Director of photography: Tomáš Tomis
Actors: Maty Mihaľko, Róbert Hojda, Silvia Vimpeľová,Tomas Ntamashimikiro, Justine Cappelle, Blaise Turikumwe, Bori Szekeres, Diana Jacková
Storyboard: Bori Szekeres, Justine Cappelle 
Scenario: Bori Szekeres, Justine Cappelle 
Sound: Bori Szekeres
Soundtrack: Buttechno – Pkds
Editing and animation: Bori Szekeres
Lights: Karim Bouziane, Miloš Čohán
Make-up | Decor | Props | Costumes: Monika Balková, Romane Solé, Lívia Zajaková, Silvia Vimpeľová, Roman Štefánik, Kevin Balog, Katarína Slobodová, Maty Mihalko

General credits for 3 films

Technician: Robert Klváček from A4
Venue: A4 – priestor súčasnej kultúry
Audiovisual coach: Vinco Zierowan
Scenario coach: BrusselAvenir, YouthWatch
Editing assistance: Vinco Zierowan
Sounddesign assistance: Vinco Zierowan
Interludes sounddesign: Vinco Zierowan
Audiovisual interludes: Vinco Zierowan
Production: BrusselAVenir & YouthWatch 
Ellen Anthoni, Khushboo Balwani, Alena Tomanová, Maty Mihaľko, Alexandra Kurišová
Thanks to Saji Debongnie & Gateway Traffix

These films are made as part of the project YouthFutures 2035 by BrusselAVenir and YouthWatch in the framework of the Erasmus plus funding programme. The research question of the project is “How will young Brusselèirs and Bratislavians bond in 2035?

20:40 Slessurb Show

May 2040,

A TV-like show called “The Slessurb Show” hacks all devices and broadcasts itself throughout the city.
Slessurb – Brussels upside down – is a city where nothing seems to work and technology invades all aspects of life. But Slessurbians find a way to make things work. 
Together, we’ll create a TV-show with the guidance of experienced professionals. During five days you’ll have the opportunity to work on everything from filming, recording sound, acting, making costumes, building scenography, and making artefacts.
We’ll make news from this imaginary futures city, music of the local bands, advertisements of futuristic gadgets, scientist and artist guests from the futures… and whatever you would like to come up with. 

Saturday, 13th May -Tuesday, 16th May we start at 9:30 until 17:00 (it can go on longer for those who want)
Wednesday, 17th May we will look at what we made and discuss the final product at 14:00 🙂
It will happen in Zinnema. And if you can’t make it for the five days, no worries.

We are really looking forward to diving into futures of the “20:40 Slessurb Show” !

This activity takes place in the framework of the project Future is Now and is supported by Erasmus+ programme and is part of our artist residency at Zinnema.


♬♫♪◖(● o ●)◗♪♫♬

Music of, from and about the future – TrackBX2035 is here! 

2035 is the time when the babies of today will be the youngsters. These babies grow up in times of pandemic, dominant presence of social media, and tons of uncertainties and insecurities brought up by technology.
What will it be like to be young in Brussels in 2035?
What will the music be like in Brussels in 2035? 
What will be the role of music in the lives of young people in 2035?

In April and May 2022 we gathered for a 8-days futures music atelier with 25 young people from all around Brussels, together with futurists and musicians. 
While composing and singing, we discussed futures that led to many new questions.We questioned the role of music, sounds, and genres in 2035 in Brussels. 
During the 8 days, different experts accompanied us physically in the process of creating this music and we had several Zoom calls with local Brussels artists to ask them whatever we wanted to know. The outcome is 3 music tracks with the sound of the future of Brussels that you can listen to now !

A production of BrusselAVenir funded by Erasmus+ under guidance of and Arthur Chambry. 
In partnership with with Zinnema, Entree, Overkop and Dbroej.
Thanks for the inspiration: Rrita Jashari, Jeunes Boss, Dance Divine, Mambele, Madcurse, SVDU, Volta.
Participants: Amine Bouarfa, Younes L’Mourabiti, Ryan Salu, Genza, Gus Itali, Juicyroyce, Ramses, Ritchie, Lexie, Nemia, Akbar Bigira, Ky Rayleigh, Juiceisdope, Moussko, Sunray_helena


Tram 20.3.0 Talks

Tram 20.3.0 Talks are audio fiction stories narrated by Tram 7 about its passengers in the year 2030. The six stories paint a picture of everyday interactions between Brusseleirs. People that meet each other on the public transport and open up about their changing lives. 

Created for and by Brussels citizens, the stories of Tram 20.3.0 Talks are the result of one year process of participatory futuring and co-creation of various visions of the future for Brussels. By answering the question “How will we share the city amongst each other in Brussels in 2030?“, about 500 people imagined near futures during the workshops organised by BrusselAVenir. This, together with discussions in the community, research, interviews with experts and discussions with citizens, is what made up the different layers & features of the six different stories. 

As the omniscient narrator, tram 7 travels through time and into different stories, each story tells us about different encounters. During their conversations we come into contact with various elements of possible futures: new ways to communicate, the new material reality of the tram, the route, the different stops and the local stories of the neighbourhoods, a host or hostess who welcomes passengers, all with the aim of triggering action to make these imagined futures a reality. The objective is to show what sharing the city could look like in 2030 and how it can trigger solidarity, a sense of belonging, linguistic and cultural pluralism… and how, together, we can create new stories. 

Conception and coordination: Ellen Anthoni, Khushboo Balwani, Islin-Lucrezia De Fraye, Mattéo Scognamiglio, Annagrazia Graduato and Ilya Pringot 
Editors: Matesa von Hildebrand (English), Islin-Lucrezia De Fraye (French) and Ellen Anthoni (Dutch)
Voice actors: Joey Wright (English), Line Pillet (Dutch), Islin-Lucrezia De Fraye (French)
Graphic design: Ellen Anthoni and Bram van Bree
Installation design: Jan Rymenants and Koray Sels
Sound artist: Zino Moons
Recording and technical support: BNA-BBOT
Special thanks to STIB-MIVB, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Bruxelles Mobility for their support

20:30 Bruxsels Talks

A talk show of the future

‘20:30 Bruxsels Talks: A Talk Show of the Future’, is a scripted radio show set in the year 2030. In a live performance on 23 January 2020, Brusseleirs were transported to a future where Brussels has made an inclusive and sustainable transition that takes care of its diverse population on both an ecological and social level. This future fiction piece is a twofold attempt to make the vastness and complexity of an eco-social future understandable and relatable through storytelling, while also demonstrating the role of media, such as radio, in the process of sustainable transition.  Over the past six months BrusselAVenir gathered content for the show through several ‘LabAVenirs’ participatory workshops, specialist interviews, and collective imagining of Brussels in the year 2030. 

In this fun and entertaining show you will hear people from the future sharing about their lives, hopes and fears. There will be reminiscent throwbacks of the past (that is today) through sound archives; contemporary breaking news; live music; and interviews with influential members of 2030’s society, all with the aim to trigger action to make this plausible future a reality! 

?Listen to the podcast here

In association with BNA-BBOT, Beursschouwburg and BX1+
Thanks to Bruzz, Radio Moskou, Radio Panik and Radio Campus for the diffusion afterwards.

Year 2019-2020